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No Judgement.
No Airs.
No Stiff Dialogue.

At Find Your Center Therapy, we believe you deserve a truly open space that is warm, supportive, and unapologetically direct.

Individual and Couples Therapy serving California, Colorado, and Florida.

We're very glad you're here.

‬We are genuine, real people, and we believe that actual loving feedback is more useful than simply listening and repeating. 

Let us be your refuge. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, it’s easy to lose touch with who you are and what you want. You might be so focused on surviving that you’ve forgotten how to thrive. We help you reconnect with what matters most.

Our practice offers a sanctuary to help you find a fresh path forward, armed with clear intention and authentic care. We provide more than just an echo chamber; we offer dynamic, reciprocal conversations that balance support and challenge. You deserve to be treated not just as a patient, but as a competent human with dignity and respect.

That's why we partner concrete take-home skills with open, active listening, incorporating humor and play. We tailor every session to your unique needs. Our team of dedicated therapists is here to provide a safe and nurturing space where you can explore, heal, and grow.

A woman sitting on the ground next to a dog.

Michele Goldberg, LMFT

Founding Owner
A woman sitting on the ground next to a dog.

Michele Goldberg, the heart behind this practice, is deeply passionate about your journey toward healing and growth. With a belief that genuine care knows no boundaries, Michele fosters an environment of warmth and equality, where you are valued and understood.

Her approach to therapy is rooted in a balance of compassion and honest assessment, empowering you to trust your instincts while providing guidance through life’s complexities. Michele is committed to ensuring that you feel both supported and autonomous, empowering you to make your own choices and navigate their consequences.

Using an integrative lens, Michele creates a safe, collaborative, and open space that fortifies you in your personal journey. Her goal is for you to feel truly seen and understood, empowering you to embrace your authentic self. 

Tried traditional talk therapy and ready for a‬‭ deeper‬‭ and more powerful‬ approach?

The Way We Work

We tailor all services to your unique needs and preferences.
We base these on extensive training, diverse certifications, and multiple approaches.

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