Areas of Expertise

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." ~ C. G. Jung

Genuine Curiosity is Key


Using a psychodynamic lens, we will be curious together about how you developed your strategies of life, both helpful and destructive. Using EMDR, we will process traumatic incidents from your past so they no longer influence how you feel and behave in the present. Using DBT, we will gather and implement concrete skills that will improve your relationships, your capacity to be fully present where you are, and your ability to manage intense emotions when they reach a point of crisis. We will also help you feel something real when all you sense is numbness, emptiness, or restlessness at your core.

Relational and Identity Affirming

Using CSAT and PIT work, we will help you interrupt unhealthy cycles of romantic and sexual attachment (or detachment), reduce compulsive behaviors, and find alternative behaviors and communities to support your growth. You will build a foundation of authentic relating that will help you, should you choose, form healthy and lasting relationships with friends, family, and partners. Using mindfulness, body awareness, and breathwork, we will help dislodge some of the stuckness or discomfort you might feel in your body. Using an LGBTQ-affirmative stance, we will help you express and honor your truest self. With sex positive inquiry and healing, we will banish the shame, restraint, or lack of control you feel over physical intimacy with yourself and others. And using an awareness of the patterns that plague most couples, you can improve the communication and connection you share with your loved ones.


You might also be “doing well” in life and seek to optimize your potential and self-awareness. You could be a relentless growth-seeker. Many successful entrepreneurs and other professionals are simply on the path toward betterment in every area. You may similarly be balanced or thriving in your personal life. Fostering mental and emotional resilience in therapy translates into even greater fulfillment and triumphs at work and in life.


We will use strategies to help you manage conflict with family, navigate social and academic issues, and become your own person without simply identifying as what parents or peers tell you to be. As life changes, you change and grow. Let’s celebrate the person you are becoming. Even if it isn’t received well yet by those around you. And if you feel awkward and shut down in social settings, let’s unearth the reasons why and help build a new foundation of self-acceptance, self-compassion, and authenticity around others.

No matter which of these you identify with, we’re here to help.

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A traditional, insight-oriented model that promotes joint curiosity regarding how you developed your strategies of life, both helpful and destructive. It cultivates a deeper understanding of why you feel, think, react, and relate in your typical fashion. This clarity promotes a more secure and integrated sense of self that moves through the world with a healthier, more connected, and increasingly productive quality of ease and peace.

Certified Sex Addiction Therapy

Achieve true intimacy and mastery over your impulses.

A structured, task-based model that addresses compulsivity or dependency in romance, sex, love, dating, and porn, with manualized recovery for addictive behavior in other areas of life.
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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Reverse both major trauma and chronic, less obvious hardship. Strengthen your adaptive neural networks and confront your inner ghosts in a safe, controlled environment.

An evidence-based treatment that processes painful memories to an adaptive resolution, reducing their power to negatively impact you in the present.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Empower Yourself With The Tools of Success.

An evidence-based model providing concrete coping skills with four modules: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. DBT reduces judgment of self and others, clarifies personal values, and facilitates the creation of a life worth living.
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Be Aware. Be Very Aware.

An evidence-based intervention that promotes conscious, nonjudgmental awareness of our present moment. It extends beyond the practice of meditation to encompass paying attention on purpose in the midst of any moment or activity. Although it can decrease stress, anxiety, sadness, and anger, the goal is simply to witness thoughts, feelings, and sensations without grasping, pushing away, or making efforts to control. In doing so, we learn acceptance and respond constructively, rather than reacting in automated and destructive habitual patterns.

Post-Induction Therapy

Create and maintain healthy, reciprocal, and lasting relationships.

PIT is an experiential treatment that reworks essential developmental stages. It promotes healthy, reciprocal and lasting relationships for those intimacy disorders that result in codependency, love addiction or love avoidance.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Gain Control Over Negative and Distorted Thoughts.

An active, evidence-based model proven as effective as medication in treating a wide variety of life difficulties. CBT replaces distorted thinking and unhealthy behavior with adaptive problem-solving skills. CBT teaches client to approach rather than avoid and to become reality-oriented.

Internal Family Systems

Release old obstacles to uncover your true center.

Internal Family Systems (a treatment for individuals) is an orientation that views the self as comprised of many different sub-personalities. Wounded parts, their protectors, and a core self are all embroiled in inner conflicts that, once healed, can together create a sense of clarity, self-compassion, and peace.

Somatic Experience

Leverage the body’s ability to heal itself.

Somatic Experience views past pain and trauma as physically encoded and stored in the body itself. It seeks to reset the nervous system by bringing the body out of chronic fight, flight, and freeze. Rather than turning away from sensation, we move into this experience to process and release aversive memories.
We do not specialize in anorexia or other restrictive eating disorders, OCD, or violent offenders. These require specific training that we currently lack. Please feel free to contact us for other high quality and well-trained options.